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When Choosing your colors we recommend these Tips and Steps...

How do I pick out my colors?

You can either:


1) Send us a picture, from our Web Site/Google Images/Pinterest/etc, of a finished floor you want to mimic (Most popular)

2) Send us the Base Color and Accent Color information (i.e.: Sherwin Williams Lazy Gray SW2932 and Lowes Earl Gray L3489)


Note: Most prefer sending us a photo of a finished floor you want us to mimic for you. Go to our web site as, Google Images, Pinterest to find and send us a picture of them so we can show you how nice they look.


Common Questions:


How many colors do I get?

Two. One Base Coat Color.  One Accent Color.  When combined they will make 3-5 colors.

Note: You can order more colors for an additional charge listed on your estimate.


Can I change or adjust my colors before sealing?

Yes.  We won't seal any floor or counter tops unless you are ready to do so.


Are the colors UV fade resistant?

Yes.  We use UV fade resistant concrete water base colors.


What are some basic steps i can take to find my choices?

Step 1: Decide if you want Warm or Cool Colors

Note: Cool colors have been trending for the past 15-years.

Step 2: Decide if you want a High Contrast or Low Contrast look

Step 3: Go online and find the one(s) you like and send us a picture for us to mimic.

Note: We carry the most popular ones in stock (White, Antiquie White, Tan, Taupe, Golden Brown, Choclate Brown, Dark Brown, Light Gray, Medium Grey)


Here are some color charts to reference when choosing the color(s):

Note: If you decdie to pick out your specific colors for Overlays we recommend you go online in store to choose your Base Color and your Accent Color.  Sherwin Williams online allows you to look at all the colors to make it easy to pick one you like example shown below.  There are 300+ colors to choose from.  We can color match any colors you find at Lowe's, Ace, Home Depot, or PPG.  Here is Sherwin Williams online color chart just send us a screen picture of the one you want for your Base Color and the one you want for the Accent Color.


Stone FX offers 300+ concrete stains
Stone FX offers all the popular acetone stains
Stone FX offers all the popular Metallic Epoxy colors
Stone FX offers all the popular Quartz floor colors
Stone FX offers Cool Deck colors
Polished Concrete & Stain and Seal Color Chart

Metallic Epoxy Color Chart

Spraydeck Color Chart

Real Quartz Color Chart

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