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Concrete - Slab

Concrete Slab

Think you can't afford a new patio or add on to the one you have? Think again! New concrete is more affordable than ever.  We offer 3000 PSI reinforced with rebar tied into you existing slab or home for added strength before we  add a broom finish and concrete boarder.

Commonly Seen Areas

- Driveways
- Patio/Proches
- Walkways
- Commercial Buildings

The benefits of Stone FX Concrete Slab

Step 1: See how your new slab is poured...

Final Step: How do you want to receive your Free Estimate

Text me my Quick Quote ASAP!
I'll schedule a time to confirm area later

Text us the following to 281-706-5444

- Amount you need (ie 10" x 20')
- Picture the area(s)
- City

Stop by and Measure the area I need
and email me my Full Estimate

Free Stone FX Estimates
Talk to a Real Person at Stone fX

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