We at Stone FX take the Coronavirus very seriously and take extreme measures to insure both our customers and our installers are safe.  To insure your safety we are:

- Wearing CV rated rubber gloves while on the job site

- Wearing CV rated masks (N95 or greater)

- Put on CV rated handsanitzer before, during, and after entering/while on the job site.

- Not touching anything in or out of the home except

  the floor we are installing on.

- Not using your facilities

- Maintaining Social Distances at all times

- Minizing the number of workers needed

- Daily temperature reading on all workers.  They will not  be allowed at the job site if they have temps above 99 degress.

- They are not allowed to go to the job site if they exhibit ANY CV Symptoms.

- Following all State and Federal guidlines

We hope and pray for all those effected by this virus.

Will Osbrink


Stone FX International llc