Job Opportunities

Right now, we are looking for:

Overlay Installer

Hours: 1-4 hours/day

Earn $1,000-$2000 Per Week

Position Detail:

Pay: $1000-2000 per floor ($.75-1.00 per sq foot)

Paid: Weekly

Hours: Flexiable

How many hours does it take each day?: 1-4 hours

Can I install 2 a week? Yes.  Pay is $2,000-4000 per week

Paid training to use company products? Yes. $140 a day until trained

Job Requirements:

- Have reliable transportation

- Meet and Leave the job site

- Cell Phone

- Be Reliable

- Good work ethic

- Some relative experices

- Able to lift 50 lbs

- Texas Driver's License

- Fill out and sign a 1099

- Pass a background check

- Be able to drive to the job site location

- Those with felonies need not apply.

Helpful Items to get hired are:

- Experience

- Good work ethic

Installaton Tasks May Include:

- Vacuum a floor*

- Pressure Wash*

- Mask off a walls & floors*

- Mix 50lb bags of overlay cement and cart it to the installation location*

- Squeegee overlay cement*

- Trowel overlay cement*

- Tape off a pattern in the floor*

- Carry and use a pump sprayer*

- Use flooring installation equipment*

- Use a tile removing machine*

- Use a Planetary Grinder*

- Use a Auto Floor Scrubber*

- Wheelbarrow bags of old flooring*

- Remove Carpet, Pad, and Tac*

- Roll on a coat of sealer*

* We will provide paid on site training by the owner until you feel comfortalbe and ready to install yourself.  You can hire extra help if you like to assist you.  

This Installer will be set up as a independant contractor. They wll receive a 1099 at the end of the year.

If you are interested in applying we will need the following emailed to us:

- Stone FX Independant Contractor Job Application (Below & hit SEND)

- Copy of our Texas Drivers License (Take Picture and email it to:


Note: Once the application and background information is completed and processed we will either let you know if you were approved to start or if the position was filled usually within 72 hours.

Commonly Asked Questions:

Do I need experience? No but preferred, we will do onsite job training.

When do I get paid? Weekly

How far do I have to drive to work?  

We service homes and business in Houston and Harris County.  

How long does it take to install a floor? 5-days

How long per day does teach step take? 1-4 hours

Can I set my own hours? Yes.

Can I do more then on floor a week?  Yes

Do I get travel pay?      No  

How do I get paid? Eiether check or Direct Deposit

Can I get paid by Electronic Transfer? Yes. IF you have a bank account that Wells Fargo transfer without a charge.

On a scale of 1 to 10 how difficult is it? 3-4

Do you withhold anything from my check? No

Do you pay my taxes, social security, etc? No, you pay your own.

Can I listen to my music on my AirPods while I work? Yes, as long as the owner can communicate to you.

Is someone there to supervise? Yes. The owner will be working with you and training you until you feel you are ready to do you your own.

Do I have to go outside to use the restroom? Likely

Do you work inside or outside? Both. But usually inside.

Will I loose my job if I don't show up? Yes

Is there opportunities to make additional mondy? Yes, the more

you do the more you get paid.

Is this a equal opportunity company? Yes

Is my personal information safe? Yes

Will having a bankruptcy on my record effect my chances? No

Should I apply if I am a felon? No

How it my schedule set? Based on jobs on the books.

How busy are we? Usually we are booked 2-4 weeks out

Do I need any tools? No, all tools and supplies are delivered to the job site.

Were can I go and see how easy it is to insall them? Go to and click on any of the installation videos on the Home Page.

How many people does it take to install a floor? 1-2

How do I apply?

Take a picture of your Driver License and email it to:


- Fill out the application below (to your best ability)

   and click "Submit"

Wait to hear from us via EMAIL within 24 hours.

Note: Do to the volume of applications do not call or text us during this phase.  If we are ready to offer you the job we will start using text and calls.  

Please fill out the following and click "Submit"

DISCLAIMER: Applicant understand that is an Equal Oppertunity Company and committed to excellece through divirsity. In order to ensure this application is acceptable, please fill it out as much as you can in order for it to be considered. Please complete each section EVEN IF you decide to attach a resume.
I, the Applicant, By Clicking SUBMIT certify that my answers are true and honest to be the best of my knowledge. If this application leads to my employment, I understand that any false or misleading information in my application my result in my employment being terminated.
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Thank you for applying for our postion.  You will hear back on your status within 24 hours.  You can email us any additional questions you may have to:  

Terri Osbrink

Hiring Department Coordinator

Stone FX International, llc