Cement Counter Tops

Cement Overlay Counter Tops:

-  Are No Tear Out. They go over your existing counter tops

- Windex Clean

- Gives you a high end look for a low price

- Allow you to have a Marble, Stone, and Grainite look

- Offer over 300 colors including metallics

- Offer several sealing options

- Come with custom edges like Chiseled and Flat

- Heat and Scratch Resistant

Note: Not all cement overlay counter top companies are the same.  

Be sure to compare our procedures to those your considering.  

Stone FX customers get...

- Door to floor masking to protect all the areas around the new floors

- Crack, Pit, and Hole Fill Process

- A Cement Base/Fill Coat

- A new cement edges

- A Cement Flat Top Coat

- Custom color them to taste

- Several Sealing Options and Sheens

- 3 Warranties