New Stamp Look Cement Overlay Floors:

-  Are affordable

- Durable and Timeless

- Custom Wood Look, Ashlar, Tile patterns in all sizes

- Give you the look and feel of pattern you want

- Choose from Light, Medium, or Heavy Texture

- Cover floor cracks and holes

- Cover uneven floors or defects

- Gives you a high end look for a low price

- Offer over 300 colors including metallics

- Offer several sealing options

- Interior or Exterior floors

Note: Not all Stamp Look Cement Overlay floor companies are the same.  Be sure to compare our procedures to those your considering.  

Stone FX customers get...

- Crack, Pit, and Hole Fill Process

- A Cement Base/Fill Coat

- A border if desired

- Tape off your desired pattern (wood, ashlar, tile, etc.)

- Choose if you want a grout or not and the width

- A Custom Cement Textured Top Coat

- 2 Color Concrete Staining Process

- Several Sealing Options and Sheen

- Customer Satisfaction Guarantee - We won't seal you new floor until      your 100% satisfited.

- 10-Year Warranty


Example: Wood Look Cement Overlay Floors

Patterned Overlay Floors