Slab Crack Damage

Cracks in your overly, tile, concrete, etc both inside and outside your home area caused by movement in your substrate which in turns damages your tile, overlay, etc. This slab crack maybe new or preexisting. In Texas we have a lot of soil movement due to our sandy soil.  Movement can occur at anytime but usually when the soil fills up with water and/or dries out causing the slab to expand and contract.  Cracks are also cuased by heavy vehicles or RV's and by slab contractors not installing expansion joints correctly every 10'.   As you can see above the crack on the curb formed and moved casuing damageto the overlay.  

Important Note: Cracks are telling you that 'I need to be able to move here"  We recommend you listen to your cracks and just caulk them with a matching color or color afer drying.  This will allow space for it to move usually without further damage and it is the least noticable.  You can put in a crack mender with sand but risk it cracking near by.  

Side Note: Be sure anyone installing any exterior floors honor all expansion joints or face expensive repairts.

Crack Repair:

Option 1: Clean and Caulk (We recommend)

- Clean out the crack

- Add a concrete colored caulking to the crack

- Wipe off excess

- Reapply as needed

Note: You can color it the same color as the floors as well.

Option 2: Crack Mendor and Overlay Repair

- Clean out the crack area

- Add 10-Minute Road Ware slab crack mendor with sand

  watch their YouTube vedio for installation guidlines.

- Add overlay and let dry (call, email, or text if you need any overlay)

- Color overlay repair (call, email, or text if you need to find color used)

- Seal overlay (call,email, or text if you need to know sealer type)