Flooring Warranty

Warranties are important when considering whom you hire. Be sure to compare our warranty to rest of those in our industry that offer 2-Years or less.

Here is our comprehesive Flooring Warranty:

   Stone FX International LLC

   Flooring Warranties & Exclusions

Lifetime Repair Support:  We will assist you in showing you either in person, through our DIY repair videos, or detailed instructions how easy it is to repair your new floors to like new condition should they get damaged and the damage is not covered under warranty.  We will also provide you with either the materials needed to do the repair or let you know where to buy them.  This lifetime Repair Support applies to the original purchase and installation site and is transferable.

Manufacturer Defects:  Stone FX warrants that the materials used to be free of manufacturing defects from the date of installation for a period of 5-Years.  If it is determined by Stone FX that your floors were damaged by any manufacturers defects in materials installed we will repair the damaged area at no charge. This manufacturer's warranty applies only to the original purchase and installation site and is not transferable. Standard Exclusions apply – see list below for more details.

Premium Floor Installation Warranty: Your Stone FX floors guarantees the quality of installation workmanship to be professional and in keeping with the standard set by the manufacturer. Should further service be required due to deficiencies in the original installation, as determined by Stone FX, of the new floor Stone FX will repair or replace only the damaged area at no cost to you for a period of 5-years from the date of purchase. This limited installation warranty applies only to the original purchase and installation site and is not transferable. This limited installation warranty applies only to Premium Floors costing four dollar a square foot and up. Standard Exclusions apply – see list below for more details.

There are no other warranties, express or implied.

Here is a list of industry standard exclusions not covered by any warranty as determined by Stone FX.  Any damage to the floors caused by:

-  Not following the Care and Maintenance of the floors

-  Wear and Tear – Including scratches, nicks, scuffs, dropping or dragging items,   pet nails scratching sealer, etc.

-  Blunt Force, Scratches, or Dragging items over the floors

-  Liquids – Including nail polish, solvents of any type, epoxies, glues, petroleum products, paint thinner, acetones, etc.

-  Adhesives (like Tape, Adhesive backed chair mats, etc.)

-  Slab movement

-  Water issues in the slab (i.e., Efflorescence, slab movement, etc.)

-  New or preexisting existing slab cracks moving and/or reappearing

-  Substrate movement, delamination, defects defects, or issues

-  Not resealing the floors as needed

-  Any delamination of the substrate which may cause our material to fail

-  Water coming from the surface or substrate

-  Heavy equipment

-  Not using the floors for their intended purpose of walking or driving on

-  Efflorescence

-  Rust or rubber marks

-  Hard water/calcium deposits

-  Client Neglect/Damage

-  Not resealing them AS NEEDED.

-  Issues or occurrences that are inherent characteristics of the flooring installed

-  Improper use or abuse

-  Wear and Tear on edges or seams

-  Flooring material that has been reduced in thickness

If you or someone else damages your floors please call or text us at 281-706-5444 so we can assist you. To speed things up, please text us a picture of the damage so we can see the scope of the repairs needed as well as the cost to repair them if any.  

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