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Floor Maintenance

Floor Maintenace is resealing to prevent damaging them

and Repairing damage done to the floors.


Resealing Procedures

Option 1: DIY

Option 2: Call us for estimate to do it for you

Option 1 Procedures:


- Clean the floors

- Reseal using the same sealer (Call us to find out that information)

   Note: Be sure to follow ALL manufactureing installation guidlines.

- Let dry and cure.

- Walk on it when dry, add items to it after 48 hours. Drive on it in 72 hours


Repairing the Damaged Floors

There are several ways your new floors can be damaged.  Here are the most common

and ways to DIY repair them. If you prefer we repair the damage call us for an estimate at 281-706-5444

Note: We require photos be texted/email first showing of the damage done to the floors so we can assess what's needs to be done and send you a estimate.  Saves you time and money.

Here is an overview of way types of damage you can expect and what you/we will be repairing: 

- if the sealer is damaged or scuffed just clean the area well and add sealer to the area damaged.

- If the color is missing just clean the area before adding color and sealer

- If the overlay is damaged call us so we an come out and repair the area for a fee.

Common Damage:

1) New/Old slab crack moving causing our floors to crack.  

Repair: Color match caulk the crack that want's to move

to seal out water that will further damage the floors. Wipe

off excess and let dry. Maintain caulking as needed.

2) Not resealing every 1-3 years or as needed allowing water

into the floors damaging them.  

Repair: Send pictures for estimate to 281-706-5444 or

3) Scratch damaging the sealer

Repair: Clean and reseal area(s).

4) Efflorescence (damaged caused by water in the slab heving to the surface damaging anything in its path

Repair: Remove the floors.  Install an Epoxy Vapor Barrier. Reinstall Floors.  Call us for an estimate. 







Note: If your slab moves or is allowing water into the new floors due to lack of sealer it will damage any flooring attached to it. The damage is usually a crack or chip.  Be sure to reseal your floors as needed following all the manufacturers instructions or hire is to clean and seal them for you.  If the damage is due to a new/existing slab crack your slab is telling you that it needs to move.  Do not repair a crack that is moving it will only do it again.  Just put in a colored caulking that will allow it to flex. 

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